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Pre War Fireplace Restoration

One of Nationwide's specialities including the complete fireplace and chimnmey restoration of pre-war brownstones throughout the greater New York City area. We specialize in the following:

  • Cleaning Fireplace and Furnace Flues.
  • Chimney Certifications Level I, II, and III. 
  • Chimney Inspections.
  • Chimney Caps Supplied and Installed.
  • Expert Masonry Repairs.
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Relining Systems.
  • Dampers Supplied and Installed.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Violations Corrected.
  • Chimney Exhaust Fans Installed (as the preferred installer in NYC).
  • Smoke and draft testing.


Whether you need a firebox repair or rebuild, we will provide you with top-tier masonry repairs. To ensure a beautiful and functioning chimney, our technicians are experienced at working with various types of masonry and stone. When providing masonry repairs, we take the time to insulate the firebrick. Additionally, we are able to accommodate many design requests including:

  • Running Bond
  • Basket Weave
  • Herringbone
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Video Scans

Nothing compares to an Nationwide video inspection, as it provides the ultimate in assessing the conditions of furnaces, wood stoves and fireplace chimneys. Call us to schedule a Video Inspection for each flue in your home. The video scan includes:

  • You'll receive an accurate evaluation and potentially save thousands of dollars identifying hidden defects largely overlooked by home inspectors. We are equipped to scope the entire flue with a fiber optic camera with a full outlined description of its integrity. Both horizontal and vertical breaching will be outlined , along with all separations

  • This scan will have audio explaining the defects that appear on the video. In the past chimney sweeps peered inside chimneys with mirrors and powerful reflective lights, however this type of inspection never really identified the details within the chimney walls. Today, a video evaluation by our trained professionals exposes hidden problems or dangers lurking inside your chimney. We enter the flue from the top, descend into the flue, in order to manipulate the camera to look at the walls at any angle. If there has been a chimney fire, our camera will capture the damage, making it easy for adjusters to see the defective portions of the flue.
  • We will also provide a written report as well as a DVD for your records. Finally, if you are just interested in knowing the true condition of your chimney and flue liner and chimney, Nationwide's video evaluation shows you the exact condition of your flue in question. At that time you can be sure of the decisions that is being made for repairs or any other changes based on true, accurate knowledge of the situation.
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